Offered by Bram Stoker Award-Winning author and Elderlemon Design owner, Kealan Patrick Burke, this service is exactly what it sounds like. You've written a book and need an experienced set of eyes to evaluate it before it goes to print. Kealan has been writing and editing professionally since 2003. In addition to multiple awards and nominations for the books he edited, he also served as fiction editor at and later, as associate editor for Subterranean magazine.


He offers a thorough analysis of problematic areas in your work, from prose to structure and everything in between. If a line of dialogue rings false, or a character behaves in a manner that stretches the reader's credibility, or the ending is too rushed and/or contradicts what comes before, he'll not only find it, he'll also offer advice on how best to fix it.

Once your detailed analysis is delivered, Kealan will also make himself available for ongoing consultation until the book is where you need it to be.


  • 1 - 199 pages: $8.00 (per double-spaced page)

  • 200+ pages: $6.00 (per double-spaced page)

  • First Fifty Pages Critique: $300 


To book your critique, or for further information, drop us a line.

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